Symphony In Blue

b/w Fullhouse

Symphony In Blue (Japan) front


Symphony In Blue (Japan) rear


Country: Japan
Label/Number: EMI EMR-20567
Release date: Spring, 1979
Chronology: Kate's 4th Japanese single; her 2nd from Lionheart.
Cover photo by Gered Mankowitz. (Elsewhere on the same roll of film...)
Symphony In Blue Lyrics
What it's about: God, love, sex, music -- different people worship different gods and find solace in different forms of religion.
Running time: 3:36
Fullhouse Lyrics
What it's about: An autobiographical song in which Kate talks about how hard it is to cope with feelings of paranoia, stress and anger.
Running time: 3:13
A very rare (photo insert) sleeve, this montage is exclusive to this release.
This is one of only two worldwide releases of Symphony In Blue as an A-side. (The other is a very difficult to find blue vinyl Canadian pressing.)

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