Suspended In Gaffa

b/w Dreamtime

Suspended In Gaffa (France) front


Suspended In Gaffa (France) rear


Country: France
Label/Number: EMI 2C 008-64957
Release date: Late 1982
Chronology: The 4th single from The Dreaming (released in a number of different countries; but not in the UK).
Cover photo and sepia toning by Kindlight. (Here is the original image, without the toning.)
Suspended In Gaffa Lyrics
What it's about: Seeing something you really want (God in this case), then not being able to see or experience it ever again unless you work very hard. (It's a thematic first cousin to Sat In Your Lap, with a more religious bent.)
Running time: 3:50
Dreamtime (Instrumental) run time: 5:20
The B-side title refers to Dreamtime, a period in Aboriginal folklore when man could change shape into any animal. It's one of Kate's more elusive tracks -- only appearing on a small handful of 7" vinyls. (See Non-LP/CD page for additional info.)
The cover photo (depicting Bess and Harry Houdini), also appears on The Dreaming LP/CD.

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