Sat In Your Lap

b/w Lord Of The Reedy River

Sat In Your Lap (Canada) front


Sat In Your Lap (Canada) rear


Country: Canada
Label/Number: EMI America 72866
Release date: Summer, 1981
Chronology: A between album track written just after Never for Ever was released. It eventually turned up on The Dreaming LP (13 months later). The B-side is non-lp.
Front cover photo by John Carder Bush. (Elsewhere on the same roll of film...)
Rear cover illustration by Nick Price.
Sat In Your Lap Lyrics
What it's about: Man's endless search for knowledge -- which is often limited by his unwillingness to devote the effort necessary to attain it.
Running time: 3:22 (single mix)
Lord Of The Reedy River Lyrics
Running time: 2:42
Lord Of The Reedy River is Kate's first cover. It's composer, Donovan, also contributed b-vox.
The front sleeve of the Canadian release is identical to the UK version. The rear has a tan border.
In addition to this rear sleeve, Nick Price also did the drawings on Kate's Tour Of Life program, the Never for Ever LP/CD, and the December Will Be Magic Again single. (Here are a few examples...)

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