Sat In Your Lap

b/w Lord Of The Reedy River

Sat In Your Lap (Spain) front


Sat In Your Lap (Spain) rear


Country: Spain
Label/Number: EMI 10C 006-064.452
Release date: Summer, 1981
Chronology: A between album single written just after Never for Ever was released. The A-side eventually turned up on The Dreaming LP (13 months later); the B-side is non-LP.
Front cover photo by John Carder Bush. (Elsewhere on the same roll of film...)
Rear cover illustration by Nick Price.
Sat In Your Lap Lyrics
What it's about: Man's endless search for knowledge -- which is often limited by his unwillingness to devote the effort necessary to attain it.
Running time: 3:22 (single mix)
Lord Of The Reedy River Lyrics
Running time: 2:42
Lord Of The Reedy River is Kate's first cover. It's composer, Donovan, also contributed b-vox.
The Spanish sleeve shown above is identical to the UK version except it opens from the side, and it includes additional titling on the front: "sentada en tu regazo". Scan courtesy of Pertti.
In addition to this rear sleeve, Nick Price also did the drawings on Kate's Tour Of Life program, the Never for Ever LP/CD, and the December Will Be Magic Again single. (Here are a few examples...)

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