On Stage

Them Heavy People

+ Don't Push Your Foot On The Heartbrake

b/w James And The Cold Gun

+ L'Amour Looks Something Like You

On Stage (UK) front


On Stage (UK) rear


On Stage (UK) center gatefold

(center gatefold)

Country: UK
Label/Number: EMI MIEP 2991
Release date: August 31, 1979
Chronology: Kate's 5th UK single; her 1st gatefold sleeve; and her only UK 7" EP (so far...). It features 4 live tracks from her Hammersmith shows -- her only "tour" until she returned to the stage with her landmark Before The Dawn appearances in 2014.  They were the first of dozens of non-LP tracks to be released over the years.
Highest chart position: 10
Front and rear cover photos by Terry Walker
Inside photos by Terry Walker and Brian Aris
Them Heavy People Lyrics
Running time: 4:05
Don't Push Your Foot On The Heartbrake Lyrics
Running time: 3:40
James And The Cold Gun Lyrics
Running time: 6:19 (which makes it her longest single on 7" vinyl so far...)
L'Amour Looks Something Like You Lyrics
Running time: 2:45
On Stage was recorded live at the Hammersmith Odeon May 13, 1979. It is Kate's only official (non-bootlegged) live performance on vinyl.
The video and CD from this tour weren't released until much later (1981 and 1994 respectively), and even though they all say they were recorded on the same date, the 4 tracks on this EP are quite different from the later releases.
The On Stage EP entered the UK chart in the third week of its release at #35.  It peaked at #10 four weeks later, on October 13, 1979.  It held that position for one week, and had a total chart run of nine weeks.
The first promo only copies were pressed on two 45 rpm discs packaged in a stock gatefold sleeve (with a little sticker covering the "33-1/3" on the back).
First stock pressings have glossy covers, no visible seams on the inside of the gatefold sleeve, and the song titles are printed on the disc in both upper and lower case letters. Later pressings were issued in single pocket sleeves.
For The Single File box set, EMI reissued the gatefold sleeve, but they're easily distinguishable from the originals because the paper is very thin, they have visible seams inside, and the song titles on the discs are all in capital letters.

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