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French Box Set Welcome to the Kate Bush Survey!

Sure it's a corny idea... but play along anyway, OK? Besides, I'm trying to see if my forms processor works correctly. If it does, I may actually find an intelligent use for it.

READY?? Let's go...

Rank the LPs (1-12)   Name:   Rank   Grade
("1" is your favorite, "12" is your least favorite)   The Kick Inside    
    Never for Ever    
...then Grade them (1-10)   The Dreaming    
 ("1" is the lowest, "10" is *perfect*)   Hounds Of Love    
  The Whole Story    
    The Sensual World    
    The Red Shoes    
    Director's Cut    
    50 Words For Snow    
    Before The Dawn    

Favorite Kate songs: 1)   4)
  2)   5)

Favorite artists:  

Favorite LP/CD of all time:

Best new release you've heard in the past year:

Favorite authors:  
And books:  

Age:   Sex:
Education:   Income:
Where do you live?

Other hobbies and interests (list as many as you like):



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