There Goes A Tenner

b/w Ne T'en Fui Pas

There Goes A Tenner (UK) front


There Goes A Tenner (UK) rear


Country: UK
Label/Number: EMI 5350
Release date: November 2, 1982
Chronology: Kate's 12th UK single; the 3rd from The Dreaming (with her 11th non-LP track)
Highest chart position: It didn't! (This is Kate's only single that didn't chart in the UK -- not counting 2012's Lake Tahoe.  While technically a 10" "single", Lake Tahoe was a limited picture disc that doesn't really count as a "chartable" release)
Front cover photo by Kindlight
Rear cover photo by John Carder Bush
There Goes A Tenner Lyrics
What it's about: The story of a (bungled) bank robbery, as told by a very fearful and paranoid perpetrator.
Running time: 3:26
Ne T'enfuis Pas Lyrics (French/English)
What it's about: Worried that her lover is about to leave, a possessive woman wrestles with her conscience over her plans to make him stay.
Running time: 2:33
This single sold so poorly there may have been only one pressing. All sleeves (I've ever seen) appear to be identical, and all copies have "Rays" etched into the dead wax on side A.
The B-side title is misspelled on this and the German, Dutch, Australian and Spanish releases of Ne T'enfuis Pas. ("T'en Fui" doesn't mean anything in French.)  It appears that all of these misspelled versions are the original mix.  All later versions, with corrected spelling, are remixes.
The B-side is the original mix of Ne T'enfuis Pas, only released on a handful of singles in late 1982.  The vocals are a little "muddy" and buried deeper in the mix.  Additionally, the Fairlight is brighter, louder and "more forward", particularly near the end.

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