Them Heavy People

b/w Man With The Child In His Eyes

Them Heavy People (Japan) front


Them Heavy People (Japan) rear


Country: Japan
Label/Number: EMI EMR-20490
Release date: Summer, 1978
Chronology: Kate's 2nd Japan-only single; this one's from The Kick Inside.
Cover photo by Gered Mankowitz
Them Heavy People Lyrics
What it's about: Religion, and the teachings of Jesus, Gurdjieff, or whomever one believes in, are vehicles that enable us to unleash the powers we hold inside ourselves.
Running time: 3:05
The Man With The Child In His Eyes Lyrics
What it's about: A young girl fantasizes about an aging Peter Pan-like character who still retains his childlike innocence. It's one of Kate's earliest works; she began writing it at the age of 14.
Running time: 2:37 (LP mix)
A very rare (photo insert) sleeve, this shot is exclusive to this release.
A Seiko logo appears on the insert's back side, which makes it Kate's only commercial release featuring any kind of product endorsement.
This is the only worldwide release of Them Heavy People as an A-side.
Unlike all of their European counterparts, the B-side on this and the US releases use the LP mix of the song. (Elsewhere, it opens with Kate saying "He's here" 6 times.)

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