The Red Shoes

b/w You Want Alchemy

The Red Shoes (UK) front


The Red Shoes (UK) rear


Country: UK
Label/Number: EMI EM 316
Release date: April 5, 1994
Chronology: Kate's 28th UK single; the 3rd of 4 (UK singles) from The Red Shoes (with her 37th non-LP track).
Highest chart position: 21
Cover photo by John Carder Bush
The Red Shoes Lyrics
What it's about: A girl puts on a pair of enchanted ballet slippers and can't stop dancing until she breaks the spell. It's inspired by a character in the Michael Powell-directed film of the same name.
Running time: 4:02
You Want Alchemy Lyrics
What it's about: Kate transforms Claude Debussy's Clair de lune into a beautiful tale of a traveler who happens upon a beekeeper -- who likens the beauty, mystery and magic of their work to a form of alchemy.
Running time: 4:21
The Red Shoes entered the UK chart in the second week of its release at #28.  It peaked at #21 one week later, on April 23, 1994.  It held that position for one week, and spent a total of three weeks on the chart.
The Red Shoes is the centerpiece of Kate's 8th (most recent) studio LP, and the focal point of her 43 minute film, The Line, The Cross & The Curve.
And for what it's worth... You Want Alchemy gets my vote for all-time best Kate song.
"One for the archers" is etched into the dead wax on side A; "Buzzzz" is etched into it on side B.

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