This Woman's Work

b/w Be Kind To My Mistakes

This Woman's Work (UK) front


This Woman's Work (UK) rear


Country: UK
Label/Number: EMI EM 119
Release date: November 20, 1989
Chronology: Kate's 21st UK single; the 2nd from The Sensual World, with her 25th non-LP track.
Highest chart position: 25
Cover photo by John Carder Bush
This Woman's Work Lyrics
What it's about: Being forced to suddenly confront reality and adulthood in times of crisis. The track was written for the John Hughes film, She's Having A Baby; specifically, the part where "Jake" (Kevin Bacon) learns his wife's life is in danger.
Running time: 3:34
Be Kind To My Mistakes Lyrics
What it's about: A woman asks for understanding as she tentatively explores a new relationship. The track was written for the Nicholas Roeg film, Castaway.
Running time: 3:02 (edited remix)
This Woman's Work entered the UK chart in the second week of its release at #30.  It peaked at #25 one week later, on December 9, 1989.  It held that position for one week, and spent a total of five weeks on the chart.
Originally released on the She's Having A Baby soundtrack in 1988, This Woman's Work was the first track to be completed for the new album. Del Palmer convinced Kate to add it to The Sensual World.
Be Kind To My Mistakes was originally released on the Castaway soundtrack in 1987, so technically, it's not really a non-LP track. But it's not easy to find, and the version that appears on this single is quite different, so I've included it on my Non-LP/CD list.
"Up Yours Ugly" is etched into the dead wax on the A-side. It's allegedly a quote from an episode of "The Young Ones". (Kate worked with some of the cast members of "The Young Ones" when she appeared in the "Les Dogs" episode of "Comic Strip".)
The UK 12" and CD single also include an additional non-LP track, I'm Still Waiting.

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