Wuthering Heights (Germany) Sleeve Translation

"Kate Bush on "Bio's Bahnhof" February 9th, 1978

Though the EMI talent scouts became aware of her three years ago, the last six months were the actual beginning of Kate Bush's solo career. At the age of only 19 years, the unusual singer from London founded her own band and wrote material for her first album. In February '78, her first LP entitled "The Kick Inside" will be released.

Her band, the KT Bush Band, is well-known in London's pubs and small concert halls -- and concerning Kate Bush's abilities as a songwriter, her first single, "Wuthering Heights", already gives some information about it. If someone at the age of 19 years already has a distinct style and a strong personality, as Kate Bush does, then all possibilities for the further artistic development should be open to her in the following years. Her unusual high voice and her capabilities as a dancer may always be her trademark.

Together with producer Andrew Powell (Cockney Rebel, Pilot and Alan Parsons) and such experienced musicians like Duncan Mackay and Stuart Elliot (from Cockney Rebel) and David Paton and Ian Bairnson (from Pilot), she's been in the studio recently to record her first album. February 9th, 1978, she'll make her debut in Germany on WDR TV "Bio's Bahnhof", Cologne." (Translation courtesy of Michael Leitz.)


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