First Pressings vs. Reissues

Wuthering Heights First Pressing (front)

Wuthering Heights First Issue (rear)

First Pressing

Wuthering Heights Reissue (front)

Wuthering Heights Reissue (rear)


In January, 1984, EMI released The Single File, a limited collection of Kate's UK singles released to date, packaged with a 16 page photo/lyric booklet in a custom, cardboard box. In addition to the 12 singles released up to that point, it also contained Ne T'enfuis Pas -- the only place you'll find a UK pressing of this single to this day.

Early Kate singles were highly collectible and becoming increasingly scarce by the time The Single File was released, so a number of dealers simply sold the contents of the box set as 13 separate singles. Some of these reissues are easily distinguishable from their original counterparts, while others are not.

Some first pressings have messages etched into the dead wax (runnout section) of the vinyl. Others have different logos or altered text, or they're printed on heavier stock. Some need side by side comparisons to distinguish the originals from the reissues, but unfortunately, you never get to hold them side by side in real life -- especially when you're digging around some used record store trying to determine if the single you just found in the bargain bin is an original issue or not!

Wuthering Heights (shown above) is one of the easiest ones to spot. First pressings of the discs are easily identifiable.  Most significantly, they feature a 3:35 edit on the A-side.  On this (and all US pressings), the minute-long instrumental at the end of the song has been eliminated.  All later pressings, and all European issues used the full LP version.  They also have "Remember the whales" etched into the dead wax on side A.

Original sleeves are easy to distinguish as well -- IF YOU KNOW WHAT TO LOOK FOR. Take a close look at the two rear sleeves. The first pressing (on the left) has an angled thumb notch, a round EMI logo and "G&L" in tiny print in the bottom right corner. All reissues (shown on the right) have rounded thumb notches, rectangular EMI logos and no "G&L". It's difficult to see on the image above, so here's an enlargement of what to look for in the lower right corner:

If you have any questions or comments about the differences between the first pressings and reissues, please send me a note.

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