Wuthering Heights

+ Harpo!: San Franciscan Nights

b/w Lucifer: Self Pity

+ Arjan Brass: Leonie

4 Sucessos (Brazil) front


4 Sucessos (Brazil) rear


Country: Brazil
Label/Number: EMI 31C 016-420851
Release date: Spring, 1978(?)
Chronology: A four-track EP exclusive to Brazil, featuring Wuthering Heights plus three additional non-Kate songs.
Wuthering Heights Lyrics
What it's about: Kate's nod to Emily Bronte's classic romance novel. (More specifically, the ending, where Cathy comes back as a spirit to claim Heathcliff's soul.)
Running time: 4:26
This was the first of two Brazilian various artist EPs featuring Kate. (Scan courtesy of Pertti.)

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