Wuthering Heights

b/w Kite

Wuthering Heights (Germany) front


Wuthering Heights (Germany) rear


Country: Germany
Label/Number: EMI 1C 006-06596
Release date: February, 1978
Chronology: Kate's 1st single; it's from The Kick Inside.
Highest chart position:  11
Cover photo by John Carder Bush
Cover art concept by Del Palmer
Wuthering Heights Lyrics
What it's about: Kate's nod to Emily Bronte's classic romance novel. (More specifically, the ending, where Cathy comes back as a spirit to claim Heathcliff's soul.)
Running time: 4:26
Kite Lyrics
What it's about: Feeling rooted to the ground, a girl takes to the sky as a kite (but I've always thought it was a thinly veiled drug use metaphor).
Running time: 3:00
The front sleeve is the same as the UK release, except for the catalogue number in the top right corner and a small, round EMI logo in the bottom right corner. (Sleeve scan and information courtesy of Bart.)
The rear is unique to Germany; it features an article on Kate's first TV appearance. The article, by Dr. Alfred Biolek, is in German; an English translation appears here (courtesy of Michael Leitz).

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