Wuthering Heights

b/w Kite

Wuthering Heights (UK) front


Wuthering Heights (UK) rear


Country: UK
Label/Number: EMI 2719
Release date: January 20, 1978
Chronology: Kate's 1st UK single; it's from The Kick Inside.
Highest chart position: 1!!!!! (Kate's only one -- so far -- and it was the first single written by a female to top the UK chart!)
Cover photo by John Carder Bush
Cover art concept by Del Palmer
Wuthering Heights Lyrics
What it's about: Kate's nod to Emily Bronte's classic romance novel. (More specifically, the ending, where Cathy comes back as a spirit to claim Heathcliff's soul.)
Running time: 3:35 and 4:26 (see additional notes below)
Kite Lyrics
What it's about: Feeling rooted to the ground, a girl takes to the sky as a kite (but I've always thought it was a thinly veiled drug use metaphor).
Running time: 3:00
First pressings of Wuthering Heights in the UK are edited.  The minute-long instrumental at the end has been eliminated.  Later UK and all European pressings used the full LP version.  The edited version appears only on first UK and all US pressings.
First pressings also have angled thumb notches, round EMI logos and "G&L" printed on the rear sleeve, plus "remember the whales" etched into the dead wax on side A (giving it a little thematic tie-in to the whale sounds which open The Kick Inside LP). For additional information on first pressings vs. reissues, look here. Scan courtesy of Pertti.
Wuthering Heights entered the UK chart in the third week of its release at #42.  It peaked at #1 four weeks later, on March 11, 1978.  It topped the chart for four consecutive weeks, and spent a total of 12 weeks on the chart during its initial run.  It re-entered the chart at #75 for one week in May, 1978, then again in September, 2014 -- 36 years later! -- for one week during her Before The Dawn concert run at London's Hammersmith Appolo Theatre.
Originally slated for release with the "leotard" photo used in Japan, Kate convinced EMI to release this single in the UK (and throughout most of Europe) with this cover instead (because she wanted her debut to be centered on her music, not her body).

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