b/w Confusion

Wow (Argentina) front


Wow (Argentina) rear


Country: Argentina
Label/Number: EMI 7SCR/F 3911
Release date: March, 1979
Chronology: Kate's 2nd single from Lionheart.
Wow Lyrics
What it's about: Despite all the problems, the music business (and show business in general) are still wonderful.
Running time: 3:41
Confusion Lyrics
What it's about: An autobiographical song in which Kate talks about how hard it is to cope with feelings of paranoia, stress and anger.
Running time: 3:13
On Argentine singles, the B-side is listed as Confusion, but it's really Fullhouse.  I guess Fullhouse doesn't translate in the Argentine Spanish dialect?
The A-side is an edited version of Wow, although it's not labeled as such. On this and nearly all other Wow releases, the first :12 of synthesizer chords have been cut off. (Brazil and Canada used the full-length LP version.)
Kate says Wow is her attempt at writing a "spacey" Pink Floyd song -- but not surprisingly, no one recognized it as such!

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