+ Hammer Horror

b/w Symphony In Blue

+ Strange Phenomena

4 Sucessos (Brazil) front


4 Sucessos (Brazil) rear


Country: Brazil
Label/Number: EMI 31C 016-07144
Release date: Spring, 1979(?)
Chronology: A four-track EP exclusive to Brazil, featuring three songs from Lionheart and one from The Kick Inside.
Cover photo by Gered Mankowitz
Wow Lyrics
What it's about: Despite all the problems, the music business (and show business in general) are still wonderful.
Running time: 3:53
Hammer Horror Lyrics
What it's about: An actor, who gets thrust into the lead role of The Hunchback of Notre Dame upon the untimely death of a friend, ends up being haunted by the jealous decedent.
Running time: 4:39
Symphony In Blue Lyrics
What it's about: God, love, sex, music -- different people worship different gods and find solace in different forms of religion.
Running time: 3:36
Strange Phenomena Lyrics
What it's about: Synchronicity -- how coincidences sometimes cluster together in seemingly meaningful ways. It's about that feeling of déjà vu that we all experience from time to time.
Running time: 2:58
This is the 3rd of 4 Brazilian Kate EPs. The 1st and 3rd feature 4 Kate songs each. The 2nd and 4th are various artist discs with one Kate track. All 4 have become exceptionally difficult to find. (Scan courtesy of Pertti.)
The sleeve lists the songs in the order shown above, but the disc actually has Strange Phenomena and Wow on side A. Symphony In Blue and Hammer Horror are on side B.
Brazil is the only country that issued Strange Phenomena on a single. In addition to this EP, it also appears as an A-side on the single shown here.
Brazil and Canada are the only countries that used the full LP version of Wow. On all European singles, the first :12 (of the synthesizer chords) are cut off.

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