b/w Symphony In Blue

Wow (Italy) front


Wow (Italy) rear


Country: Italy
Label/Number: EMI 3C006-07048
Chronology: Kate's 2nd single from Lionheart.
Front and rear cover photos by Gered Mankowitz
Front cover (lioness) photo concept by John Carder Bush
Wow Lyrics
What it's about: Despite all the problems, the music business (and show business in general) are still wonderful.
Running time: 3:41
Symphony In Blue Lyrics
What it's about: God, love, sex, music -- different people worship different gods and find solace in different forms of religion.
Running time: 3:36
This sleeve and song configuration are exclusive to Italy.
The single is an edited version of Wow, although it's not labeled as such. On this and all other European Wow singles, the first :12 of synthesizer chords have been cut off. (Brazil and Canada used the full-length LP version.)
Kate says Wow is her attempt at writing a "spacey" Pink Floyd song -- but not surprisingly, no one recognized it as such!

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