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Wow (UK) front


Wow (UK) rear


Country: UK
Label/Number: EMI 2911
Release date: March 9, 1979
Chronology: Kate's 4th UK single; the 2nd from Lionheart.
Highest chart position: 14
Cover photo by Gered Mankowitz (a monochrome crop of the "Kate in a box" image used on the US Kick Inside LP/CD sleeve)
Wow Lyrics
What it's about: Despite all the problems, the music business (and show business in general) are still wonderful.
Running time: 3:41
Fullhouse Lyrics
What it's about: An autobiographical song in which Kate talks about how hard it is to cope with feelings of paranoia, stress and anger.
Running time: 3:13
Wow entered the UK chart in the second week of its release at #61.  It peaked at #14 on April 14, 1979, and remained there for three consecutive weeks.  Its entire chart run lasted ten weeks.
First pressings have round EMI logos and angled thumb notches on the rear sleeve, plus "Thank you Emily" etched into the dead wax on side A (a nod to Emily Bronte). For additional information on first pressings vs. reissues, look here. Scan courtesy of Pertti.
First pressing PROMOS do not have dead wax messages.  There are bound to be some of them floating around out there somewhere, but I have never seen one.
The single is an edited version of Wow, although it's not labeled as such. On this and all other European Wow singles, the first :12 of synthesizer chords have been cut off. (Brazil and Canada used the full-length LP version.)
Kate says Wow is her attempt at writing a "spacey" Pink Floyd song -- but not surprisingly, no one recognized it as such!

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